Monday, May 18, 2009

Rui Mingas

Here is one of the liberating voices
of Angola,of Africa ,of the World.

Luaandino Vieira

my problems are finally over.
to celebrate this i thought to post about a dozen of hip-hop records,
but at the end i decided to present an artist that had to be world famous,and instead he was fortunate
to be a vital part of that great tide that swept colonialism in Angola,and created the foundations of the new Angola.
Ladies and gentlemen I'm proud to have here Rui Manuel Vieira Mingas, distinguished athlete,ambassador,
ex minister of culture and composer of Angola's national anthem but above all a universal and sensitive artist.
Hip -hop cames next.will it be banal to say enjoy?

Adeus a Hora da Partida:

somos as crianças nuas das sanzalas do mato
os garotos sem escola a jogar a bola de trapos
nos areais ao meio-dia
somos nós mesmos
os contratados a queimar vidas nos cafezais
os homens negros ignorantes
que devem respeitar o homem branco
e temer o rico”

Agostinho Neto


Rui Mingas mix:



Oro said...

Another good post...

your blog is growing up like beautifull "bambou".

Best regards,


nauma said...

Oro,you are such a noble
and generous person.
i have no words....

Posted by Toke

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